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Gulf Coast Fencing of Rockport, TX has extensive experience installing balcony hand railings for residential and commercial properties. Styles of available railings include classic, modern, and everything in between! Our balcony hand railings are custom-designed and made to fit your space exactly.

If you need one or more balcony hand railings installed, we suggest hiring our professional team. Why? Because we have the experience and knowledge necessary to ensure the following:

• Code Compliance—When it comes to balcony hand railings, the city of Rockport has some specific regulations. We know how high your railing needs to be and how wide apart the balusters should be. You can trust that your new railing will meet the most stringent codes.

• Safety—A properly installed railing will keep children and pets contained while on your balcony. We do not recommend leaving these little ones unsupervised, but if your attention is diverted, you can trust that a railing will provide increased safety.

• Curb Appeal—An unsightly hand railing can detract from the beauty of your home. Whether it is old, decaying, or simply out of style, the wrong railing can stick out like a sore thumb. Let us install a lovely new railing and increase your home’s curb appeal.

• Value—A proper safety railing installed on your balcony will increase your home’s value.

• Decreased Insurance Premiums—Any installation or addition to your home that increases the safety of its occupants typically qualifies you for discounts on your homeowner’s insurance.

If your balcony is in desperate need of a new hand railing, choose the professionals at Gulf Coast Fencing in Rockport, TX! Our friendly staff members are looking forward to assisting you. Call us today!